Why Europe should be explored by foot?

Europe should be seen on foot and not through the glass window of a bus

European countries are full of influential architecture, interesting alleys, museums, cathedrals, historical monuments, parks, lakes and much much more.

In every corner or every lane, you come across great music on the streets or see a variety of street performances that you would want to be a part of.

The beauty of the cafés in Europe is indescribable. Sitting in a Cafe sipping your favourite coffee and watching the world pass by is a pleasure in itself.

Only when you walk can you get a taste of the local culture, meet the locals, and come across the most amazing places to shop.

Europe has an extremely efficient metro rail system by which traveling from point A to B is a breeze and you save on a lot of money

Most sights in Europe are in close proximity to the metro station and other sights making it very convenient to plan and customize your trip.

The only thing you will need is an open mind and the will to explore 🗺 🌐

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