Client Testimonials

Aastha & Kunal, Sri Lanka, February 2022

Had a wonderful experience with Ashwini helping right from suggestions of where to visit. Everything was planned properly right from any COVID related insurance/tests/forms to the internal travel in Sri Lanka. She gave us vegetarian dining options wherever we went and helped us tweak the itinerary to match our likings. The travel provided for our 9 day trip was very reliable and safe. Had an amazing trip and we were able to cover many beautiful places in Sri Lanka including a few underrated ones. Best wishes to Ashwini & Prahlad for Astral Trips!

Arbaaz, Jaipur, January 2022

I’ve personally known Ashwini since my childhood and couldn’t have asked from someone but her to plan our itinerary to Jaipur. Everything was just perfect, and planned very well. We were greeted by a gentleman driver as i call him, thorough professional who knew the town for over 20 years and his hospitality just amazed us everyday he picked and dropped us. Astral Trips made sure we were safe throughout our trip by staying in touch right from the day we boarded until our return. From food, accommodation, travel arrangements, putting together itineraries – they are the ones I can trust my family with. I would highly recommend everyone to let them plan your next trip… A big thank you again!

Arjun, Hampi, January 2022

It was my first Solo Trip and Astral Trips offered one of the best service. They covered the whole thing right from accommodation, local travel, food, detailed itinerary so that I didn’t have to worry about anything. During the trip as every thing was taken care of. If you are planning for a trip whether it’s Solo, Group, Family Astral Trips is the best travel partner that you can blindly go with. Thank you Ashwini & Prahlad for planning such a memorable trip.

Priyanka & Santosh, Kashmir, December 2021

When it comes to planned, comfortable, well-managed trips, there is only one name “Astral Trips”. Excellent coordination, attention to detail, attentive to all calls are some of the qualities of Ms. Ashwini & Mr. Prahlad. They made our trip to Kashmir the most memorable one. When it comes to “Astral Trips”, there is no need to worry about accommodation, itinerary execution, planning as everything is well arranged by these experienced tour planners. When you face flight cancellations due to bad weather, they immediately make the next plans. we experienced this when the flight was cancelled, and then within less than 10 minutes, Ashwini & Prahlad informed us that they booked a hotel and arranged flight tickets for the next day, we were surprised and at the same time delighted with such a speedy response. Thanks “Astral Trips” for making our Kashmir trip well managed, safe and comfortable.

Anusha & Balaji, Sri Lanka, November 2021

Astral Trips had helped me with my visit to Sri Lanka. I must say they are truly experts in their field and gave us an amazing experience. They perfectly knew our choice and arranged the best hotels and perfect itinerary to cover the best places. I would highly recommend Astral Trips for any vacation that you plan with your family as they would ensure it becomes a memorable one for you. Great going team Astral!

Sheetal Chavan, Dubai / USA, October 2021

Thanks a lot to Ashwini & Prahlad to help me arrange my parents trip to USA which included a 14 day quarantine stop over in Dubai as per the Covid protocol. They were very patient and co-operative and gave their 100% to make my parents travel comfortable and hassle free. The required important documentation was taken care off too very well. The hotel accommodation was very good and my parents were very happy with all the arrangements. Astral Trips is a very friendly platform for all you travel needs and enquiries. Highly Recommended.

Subramanian, Qatar, September 2021

Prahlad was great in coordinating and paying attention to detail on all aspects of trip planning and giving suggestions for our parents trip. They had a pleasant stay and comfortable experience in Doha (Qatar). Definitely recommend and look forward to having him plan us a vacation.

Ekta & Rahul at Maldives

Ekta & Rahul Ahire, Maldives, April 2021

Thank you so much Ashwini and Prahlad! You guys are doing a fabulous job with the way you planned our lovely vacation at Maldives. It was relaxing yet adventurous and amongst all the five countries we have visited as of now, Maldives holds the first rank. Super elated! This was one of our best trips, ever. Everything you planned was amazing, and I’d love to do another trip to the Maldives, but not without your help. Cheers you guys and keep doing the awesome work you’ll do!

Anonymous Traveler, Shimla, February 2021

“I was dealing with Astral Trips for the first time. And as a woman travelling alone with my child, privacy & safety were of prime concern. I was hyper about every detail. Ashwini not only handled me with a smile and patience, she also ensured that we were guided and escorted very well during the entire tour. Flight bookings were at such an hour that the child enjoyed both – day & night-time views. The driver provided was very safe. Hotels had adequate provisions. And there was full flexibility to reschedule the tour as we deemed fit. Moreover, despite this facilitation, we enjoyed full privacy. Ashwini kept in touch at appropriate times, but wasn’t intrusive. It was such a pleasurable experience, we look forward to more tours with Astral Trips.”

Pritish, Kedarnath & Badrinath, October 2020

“Astral Trips were extremely helpful in creating customised itinerary for a bunch of us who visited Kedarnath & Badrinath among other places. Our trip was a pilgrimage of sorts but needed something that could be less expensive & spaced out well giving us enough elbow room to rest & recover daily. We were given a good driver & vehicle that was very comfortable throughout our journey. All the rooms that we stayed in be it a dormitory or hotel, were excellent & affordable. Taking this experience into account, am sure to use Astral Trips for my future travels, and would recommend to those who are looking for customised travel itineraries based on your interests & budgets.’

Senthilvadivu, Kashmir, March 2020

“Myself & my daughter planned a trip with our nephew to Kashmir in March 2020. It was the most remarkable and first trip with Astral Trips. Kashmir is no doubt the heaven on Earth especially, Gulmarg and the pony ride to Mini Swizz @ Pahalgam. We had a very good experience and everything was perfect, that our guide and driver Mr. Khan truly cared about us and did their best to make the trip memorable. Due to time constraints we missed out some places, we definitely want to go once again. Thank you Astral Trips, we will be back!!”

Piyush and Snehal, Sikkim, March 2020

“Astral trips arranged my 5 days Sikkim tour. It was one of the best journeys I ever had in my life. Service is simply best, especially the drivers, hotel selection and most importantly the continuous follow up by Ashwini on every day. You just need to dial her and you can be sure that she will arrange everything as per your convenience. Astral Trips are perfectionists and take care of every minute detail in the itinerary including suggestions for local shopping places, food, culture, local weather. Thanks for providing me with such a great experience in the travelling chapter of my life.”

Prasad, Andaman, February 2020

Astral trips arranged our travel plan to Andaman. The trip was fantabulous, well planned and have covered all the important places. The resorts, the transportation, the local tour partners were pleasant and friendly. A must make trip to Andaman specially with Astral Trips. Prahlad has done a great job and wish him great success.

Year 2019

Snorkeling in Maldives

Vibhor and Vartika Rawat, Maldives, August 2019

“If you have something on your mind, like to explore a place you have never been before and you struggle to do it in an organised way? You call Ashwini-Prahlad (Astral Trips Co). I did the same for Maldives.
I got in touch with this duo through a common friend and the way we (me and Astral Trip Co) started discussions about my idea of a vacation, I knew it then that this will pan out way too beautiful than I thought of it initially.
You just sit back and relax, Astral Trips will do it for you. These people are awesome and will leave no stone unturned to make your vacation one of the most beautiful memory of your life. Thank you so much for your help.Will surely comeback to you guys for my next one, hopefully soon. 😀 Fantastic. Kudos to Astral Trips Co. Thank you.”

ATV ride in Sumur, Ladakh

Chitrika & Sanjana, Ladakh, July 2019

Astral Trips’ very first to Ladakh, where every adventurer desires to travel. A testimonial by Chitrika and Sanjana, two very close friends, a strong addition to our family of women travelers. We are very pleased to have served them and to have made their stay plus travel a pleasurable one.

“Ladakh trip was one of the best trips we could ask for ❤. Every day was like a dream come true😍 from the mountains to the clouds to the greenery everything was soo mesmerising. Thank you Astral Trips to help us fulfill our dream. The best part about Astral Trips is that they will guide you about every detail of the place 😊 and make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you 🙏”

Houseboat at Alleppey

  Chandramouli & Sharmila, Alleppey, March 2019

“It was a very nice trip arranged by Astral Trips. We enjoyed our 2nd anniversary to the core as we couldn’t   celebrate our first due to my pregnancy. Your arrangement from the houseboat to everything else was awesome. Of course the weather was hot but our baby girl too enjoyed every bit as you can see from our pictures. We are looking forward to more such trips with you guys.”


Carla Bleiker from Germany, India Tour, March 2019

“Astral Trips organized the second leg of my India trip. They had valuable tips on our safety, were very on top of planning everything quickly and in an uncomplicated manner and always replied to all our questions. One highlight for me was the cooking class with Monica from Taj Cooking Classes in Agra. She holds them in her home and I enjoyed the window into local life. It was my first time in the country and planning it alone would’ve been a daunting task. This way, it was easy and I loved India! A job well done.”

Monika Makwana, Statue of Unity, June 2019

Repeat client for Astral Trips, a weekend getaway to the world’s tallest statue, “The Statue of Unity“, with a height of 182 metres built on the Sardar Sarovar Dam of the Narmada River. Monika says, “Thanks Ashwini for planning a wonderful trip. You are now my family trip manager”

Sunita Bhalerao, Meghalaya, April 2019

“We think Meghalaya is the most beautiful state in our country. The very first day, we encountered hails raining down at the Mawphlang sacred forest with a temperature of 7 degrees which we thoroughly enjoyed. It was beautiful and the stories/facts about the forest made it all the more mystical. The Don Bosco museum was very interesting too. We wanted to attend the Harvest festival in Jowai but missed out on it as it got postponed. Either ways, we saw the monoliths and the quaint temple in Jowai. The Krang Shuri waterfalls were amazing. It also has camping facilities and an overnight stay here could be an added adventure. The Cherrapunjee region in Meghalaya is a delight, every inch of it, so one with nature in its rawest form. Thank you Ashwini and Prahlad for a beautifully organised holiday.”

Geeta Patil, Spiti Valley, August 2018

“It was first time in my life that I did two tours in the same year – Bhutan & Spiti. Thanks to Astral Trips. I was quite hesitant on doing Spiti immediately within a span of 3 months after Bhutan but thanks to Ashwini for insisting that I do it and to Prahlad for his perfect planning. Spiti – land of nothing but still everything. Out of the world experience NEVER EVER to be missed. The mesmerizing landscapes with its ever-changing forms, hues and shades; the winding roads amidst the mountains right from Kalpa till Manali; the breathtaking view of the mighty and beautiful rivers like the Sutlej, Spiti flowing perennially; the commendable jobs of our army, the BRO and the other forces in such an arduous terrain for developing the connectivity of these remote places with the outside world; the taste of the juicy, freshly plucked apples and apricots; the heavenly view of our Milky Way during the night; the huge but very shy yaks; the rare ‘blue sheep’ grazing on the Himalayan slopes at Tashigang; the wild and graceful horses running on the vast meadows in the valley enroute Kunzum la; the bone chilling breeze; the mind blowing view of the snow glaciers beyond the spiritually significant Chandrataal lake; the ‘doing nothing, waiting, observing phase due to the landslide enroute Rohtang pass reminding us of our insignificance in front of nature; and last but not the least the humblest and the ever smiling Spitians. They may not possess anything materialistically but they still give away everything to you..they don’t crib.. Thanks Astral Trips for this lifetime experience. Looking forward to many more such experiences with you. Especially my Europe solo backpacking trip.”

Solo Female Traveler (name not mentioned on request), Egypt, April 2019

“Imagine something that you have dreamt of for a long time and then ending up relying on someone else to help you achieve that dream. Exactly the fear that I faced when I decided to pursue my long awaited dream of a solo trip to Egypt. There was an apprehensiveness while handing over the responsibility of my precious dream to Ashwini & Prahlad but they took care of it as if it was their own. Every single day of my trip was well planned, systematically organized. No unnecessary confusion or haste. If I had any doubt during the trip, Ash was always just a ring away. If I wanted some changes, those too were done without hesitation. You need someone to hold your hand when you are on such a path. Here, that hand was of Astral Trips. I won’t be exaggerating when I say my dream would stay unfulfilled without them. My best wishes to you, keep fulfilling everyone’s dreams and yours too. Keep growing. Thank you so so much.”

Radhika, Divya, Sandhiya, Shevani, Aaliya, Bhutan, May 2019

“We connected with Astral Trips through a friend and entrusted them with our group trip to Bhutan. We are very close friends and this was a much wanted getaway for us. Dates were decided, AT gave us a plan and we were onboard with just a few weeks left. To mention a few experiences, in Paro, a homestay accommodation was arranged next to a river and the experience was awesome. There are two mountain passes, Chele La Pass and Dochula Pass, both of which were very beautiful. We engaged in a day long trek to Tiger’s Nest, a new and challenging experience for us. The suspension bridge in Punakha was very interesting. We tried the Bhutanese Cuisine, found it to be unique and we loved it. The highlight was the driver. He was such an amazing and friendly person to travel with. We are very glad to have met him and missed him at the end of our trip. Thank u so much Ash for all the support and efforts!😊 Keep helping ppl in exploring and adventuring!”

Ajith & Family, Ooty, July 2019

“It was a last minute plan to visit Ooty for a day as our son wanted to explore this beautiful destination. We approached Astral Trips to plan our trip along with a vehicle. We had a great time in Ooty with such a pleasant weather and nice drizzling later during the day. The vehicle arranged by Astral Trips was comfortable and bonus points for the driver, considering he was educated and knowledgeable, also extremely polite which made the trip all the more convenient and fruitful. Many thanks to Astral Trips for a very well arranged getaway for us.”

Akshita & Rahul, Eastern Europe, June 2019

“I connected with Ashwini through Instagram after coming across her travel posts. Me and my husband love to travel and wished to take a trip to Europe, especially Prague, since I had researched about it a lot. Due to some personal commitments, our planning and bookings got delayed but we had a wonderful trip nevertheless. The trip started off with Prague followed by Budapest and Vienna. Also, due to our quick sightseeing, on Prahlad’s suggestion, we took a day tour to Bratislava adding another country to our list. And Bratislava was amazing…The weather, food, the historical places.. everything. Also, we found Vienna to be more travel friendly than Budapest in terms of people, the train routes, the number of tourists etc. Since the itinerary was very flexible, we were free to explore beyond and without any time bound restrictions. We did a lot of shopping, went to casinos, ended up in bars, the beer was lovely, the cafés and restaurants recommended by Astral Trips were amazing and the food was superb. We walked and walked through the lanes of these countries and cherish every moment. Thank you Astral Trips for a mesmerizing trip of Eastern Europe.”

Anuja, Amit & Aarush, Hong Kong, March 2019

Testimonial from our dream clients, the most level headed, organized and hassle-free customers. Thank you Anuja, Amit and Aarush for choosing us and giving us a free rein in planning your vacation, also the first Hong Kong tour for us. We feel blessed and are ecstatic to see those lovely smiles in all your pictures. “We are thanking ourselves before we say a big THANK YOU to Prahlad and Ashwini, that we chose Astral Trips for our Hong Kong vacation!

All we had to do is declare that :

1. We are not hop on hop off bus types

2. We are foodies and me particularly a shopaholic 

3. We like to explore few off beat local places

The pixie dust was sprinkled (read as they researched thoroughly) and curated a personalized itinerary for us!
From places to eat, local delicacies to try, places to shop, to helping us with the Google map for places which called for a walking trail, every minute detail was well captured. And of course the Disneyland experience which wasn’t just our son’s wishlist alone  Always available a text away for any assistance, they helped us book tickets for one of the attractions at a short notice of 15 minutes. Literally! It speaks volumes not just about their grip on the domain but also on giving a WOW experience to the customers.

Glad that this trip happened because we are gonna come back for all the other trips that we would need assistance with.”

Renuka and Family, Dapoli, March 2019

When Renuka connected with us, her requirement was a trip where she and her family could just be at leisure and not worry about anything…. How could we not fulfill that!! Testimonials like these makes every single effort so much more worthwhile… “Our Dapoli trip was very well planned and executed brilliantly by Ashwini and Prahlad. We had luxury served right from our doorstep, the vehicle provided was luxurious, the driver was very good. Our stay at the Fern Samali resort was excellent and very luxurious with awesome food. We were in the lap of nature.
Panhalekaji caves are the real treasure trove of our Indian culture, and a must visit for anybody who is interested in Indian culture. Kadyavarche Ganpati was the icing on the cake. At Ladghar beach, it was great fun to spot dolphins. We visited few more beaches, all were very serene and mesmerizing..we missed the date with olive ridley turtles as they didn’t hatch but visiting the turtle festival was a beautiful experience… Thank you Astral Trips for such beautiful and “one”derful memories which are for lifetime” 

Aarti and Vedika, Goa, December 2018

“I have not been an avid traveler but have just started exploring the fun and joy of being one with nature. Astral Trips came to my rescue when I was just fretting over some last minute vacation plans especially during the most busy time of the year. Your choice of resort was not only outstanding but also fit perfect to my requirements. A perfect Goa getaway with the amusement of water sports, bike rides and the solitary of calm waters and unwinding at the beaches right at the peak season.
Given the fact that right from flights to resorts to other activities had to be arranged at a very short notice , not to mention my indecisiveness 🙃. Thank you team Astral and especially to Ashwini to have arranged this memorable one and definitely looking forward to many many more. Love, Aarti”

Madhura Godbole, Pondicherry, November 2018

“Being a French learner and a teacher by profession, things and places related to the language were always a centre of attraction for me. And going on a solo trip was a much awaited thing on my bucket list. So when these two things got combined, I was on cloud nine as Astral trips arranged an amazing solo trip for me to Pondicherry, also known as *Le Petit France de l’Inde* i.e. THE LITTLE FRANCE OF INDIA. The thing which touched me the most about Astral Trips is that we just did not land up having a client-client relationship but rather a one with a very friendly and homely feeling. Right from making an itinerary for my trip to me landing back safely in Mumbai, Prahlad and Ashwini were constantly in touch with me for the entire journey. Being my first solo trip, it didn’t seem frightening thanks to these two lovelies who made me feel safe and secured every moment throughout my journey. I discovered the best during my trip and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. And it couldn’t be the same without Astral Trips! A Big big thank you😘😘😘😘 Looking forward to have more successful and amazing trips

Saranya & Arvind enjoying scuba diving at Netrani Island

Saranya & Aravind, Dakshin Karnataka, October 2018

Anniversaries are important and when it’s your 10th marriage anniversary, you just make sure to make it as memorable as it can be. Saranya and Arvind, a very enthusiastic couple, celebrating their 10th, gave Astral Trips the opportunity to arrange an outing for them. Their choice was North Karnataka (Udupi, Murudeshwar, Netrani Island, Kollur) considering they wanted a balance of temple visits and recreation. Here’s what the couple has to say:

“We had Astral trips arrange a four days trip for Uttar Karnataka. It was an awesome and stress-free trip as they completely took care of the entire arrangement with respect to booking and planning our trip. The scuba diving arranged by them was the most memorable activity which we did to mark our 10th anniversary. Thanks Prahlad and Ashwini for the most fun trip of our lives.”

Narmatha & Muthukrishnan at Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Narmatha Muthukrishnan, Switzerland, September 2018

We, at Astral Trips Co. are always so overwhelmed and full of gratitude with the immense love and positive feedback we receive from our clients. Astral Trips Co. recently got the opportunity to plan its first international tour for an overseas client. Narmatha, from Dubai wanted to visit Switzerland with her superfit Dad, who is in his 70s, during her birthday week. All we had to do was make every day of the week special for the both of them.

Here’s what Narmatha thought about the customized tour to Interlaken and Lucerne, “Not all those who wander are lost – J.R.R.Tolkien…Yes you’ve got Astral Trips to track you complete end to end services! It was a first mega outing with my daddy dear to an unknown place and dad was totally impressed with Prahlad’s meticulous planning with attention to details. Indeed Astral experience! Many thanks to Prahlad and Ashwini!”

Vaibhav, Shruti, Apoorv, Geeta & myself at Spiti Valley

Vaibhav Patade, Spiti Valley, August 2018

Vaibhav, a banker by profession, had Spiti on his mind for the past two years but couldn’t materialize it due to the ever looming priorities, as happens with the most of us. But, I guess it had to happen with Astral Trips and we were so happy to have him on board. This is what he says about the trip, “I was very hesitant to take a break from my work and go on a 9 day long trip. But am so thankful and full of gratitude to Astral Trips and Prahlad to convince me to do this. This tour was so amazing and I never thought Spiti would be so beautiful. I was the one who clicked the maximum pictures and was totally lost in the landscapes. I am an adventure seeker so the treks to caves in Tabo, the entire travel and the landslide at Rohtang Pass were just the right dosage for me. What I loved about Prahlad was his planning and systematic approach. Where else would I have had the freedom to explore Spiti the way I wanted, the superb interaction with the locals and an invitation to see the snow leopard in the winter by a local homestay owner. Also, I wouldn’t forget the number of shooting stars ✨ we saw in the clear skies of Langza as we star gazed into the night till 2 am. Now, am looking forward to more such exhilarating travels with Prahlad and a bike trip to Spiti Valley.”

Shruti at Spiti Valley

Shruti Mishra, Spiti Valley, August 2018

Shruti was the first to join our Spiti Valley Tour. She loves traveling solo and makes sure she takes off to new places whenever she gets a chance. From almost booking tickets for her Thailand solo trip to getting enamored by the pictures of Spiti, she came onboard without a second thought. We are so pleased to share what she has to say about the trip.

“I joined Prahlad for Spiti. He ensured that we covered the entire valley, but we did not rush through any spot and took our own sweet time to experience the place (which is something I never expected from a conducted tour). The travel was comfortable and I got to experience Spiti the local way staying in homestays and guesthouses and gorging on delicious homecooked food in few places. The fact that he knew the place helped since there were few remote places like Tashigang that I’d have missed if it weren’t for him.

Astral trips did a great job with not only planning but also executing an absolutely incredible vacation for me! I look forward to planning more travel with them.”

Prasad & family at Manali

Prasad Peruli, Kullu Manali, July 2018

Prasad and family, (the most polite, humble and no fuss couple) from the Gulf, were on their yearly one month trip to India. Having a hectic schedule, Prasad wanted to plan a few days of excursion with his wife and kids. The destination he chose was Kullu-Manali. All Astral Trips Co. had to do was to make it memorable for them.

This is what Prasad and family have to say – “We had an awesome travel experience with Astral trips.The trip was a well arranged one and the follow up was great.The places were spectacular especially Solang valley and Rohtang pass. Journey to Rohtang pass was tension free as the driver was very much experienced. Both drivers were friendly and that made the trip very comfortable.The services in the hotels were very good and the free breakfasts in Manali and Chandigarh hotels kept good standard.The local sightseeing was planned carefully so we could use our time effectively. Kids too had a great time. They enjoyed horse riding, ropeway journey and Manali club house rides.We would like to thank Ashwini and Prahlad for arranging such an unforgettable trip.”