Sea Turtles of Galapagos Islands

Hello! I am the sea turtle, living in a whole different world beneath the surface of the ocean in the Galapagos Islands. The sunlight breaking across the turquoise water, moss covered rocks, and colorful coral around, me and my family gracefully live our life in the water. And we are not afraid of humans. Because we are one of the protected species so we welcome … Continue reading Sea Turtles of Galapagos Islands

5 Beach Destinations along the West Coast of India

Most of us are a fan of beaches and look forward to every opportunity to escape the city to the beautiful shores lined with palm trees. India is blessed with an amazing coastal region and provides good scope for us to plan these beach escapades by opting for anything from a weekend getaway to a week long vacation. Following are some of the most sought … Continue reading 5 Beach Destinations along the West Coast of India

Sri Lanka Itinerary

Sri Lanka Group Tour Itinerary (8 Days / 7 Nights) Introduction   Explore pristine beaches, ancient cave temples, world’s best train ride, tea plantations, wildlife safari, local food, shopping and more in Sri Lanka. Day 1 Arrive in Colombo International Airport. We will be straightaway proceeding to the city of Dambulla to explore the following places. Dambulla Royal Cave temple – As the Golden Temple … Continue reading Sri Lanka Itinerary

How to plan a perfect vacation?

Tourism is at an all-time high considering the exposure to unlimited information one has on the internet. Reading about all those places and knowing how beautiful our planet is, one cannot refrain from packing their bags and going for an adventure. Adding to this is the improvement in standard of living for many, which opens up opportunities on the travel front. But then, there is … Continue reading How to plan a perfect vacation?