Royal Rajasthan Circuit

Welcome to Astral Trips’ Royal Rajasthan Circuit. Indulge in history by visiting the forts and palaces of Jaipur and Jodhpur with personal guides by your side. Follow this up with a visit to the sand dunes in Jaisalmer where you engage in sand sports and camel safaris, the nights spent in star gazing listening to the local folk music and watching folk dance. The tour … Continue reading Royal Rajasthan Circuit

Astral Trips – “Safe Travel Zone”

Presenting the new way of travel, Astral Trips’ “Safe Travel Zone”. A solution for all the insecurities and reservations you are feeling right now as you start planning your workations and staycations. With the states and few countries opening up for Tourism, it is time to do end to end smart planning with flexible booking options, premier accommodations, safe and sanitized vehicles, well informed drivers … Continue reading Astral Trips – “Safe Travel Zone”

5 Ways how travel will change permanently

In the previous article, I mentioned that globally, tourism will change in a big way. But what does that mean for the Indian hospitality industry? What measures will it take or has to opt for if they want to thrive in the current environment? Hygiene & Sanitation Thanks to Covid, a major area that will be focused on is the hygiene aspect, not just in … Continue reading 5 Ways how travel will change permanently

A perspective on post-covid travel

A virus set us back in many ways, one of which is economically where the biggest hit has been taken by the entire travel industry including airlines, hotels, vehicle service providers and homestays. This industry runs into millions for every economy and is bread and butter for every single person attached to the industry. So, will this industry revive? If yes, then when? I have … Continue reading A perspective on post-covid travel