Sea Turtles of Galapagos Islands

Hello! I am the sea turtle, living in a whole different world beneath the surface of the ocean in the Galapagos Islands.
The sunlight breaking across the turquoise water, moss covered rocks, and colorful coral around, me and my family gracefully live our life in the water. And we are not afraid of humans. Because we are one of the protected species so we welcome our human friends who want to swim and twirl with us. We will show you our powerful swimming and how our shells shimmer and change colors from deep green to yellow, brown and blue. And yes, we shall also introduce you to our beautiful friends like the sea lions , iguanas, eagle rays, and even penguins. Make sure you come equipped with your snorkeling gear and we shall have a gala time very soon…
Astral Trips – +91 98333 74563

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